Customers must acknowledge and follow our policies during service. 
Customers must respect the premises and practice good etiquette during service.

Prohibited and intolerable behaviour during services include:

  1. Sexual harassment or sexual assault towards our therapists.
  2. Obscene and indecent behaviour towards our therapists.
  3. Disrespectful behaviour and discourteousness towards our therapists and the premises.

If you execute any of the above-mentioned behaviours and breach our rules and policies, we will immediately discontinue the service and take further legal action. Actions of infringements to our rules and procedures are highly intolerable and are regarded as violations of our reputation and our prestigious therapeutic facility.

Clients must acknowledge the rules and policies mentioned above prior to receiving treatment.

For your information, although fraudulent massage businesses with low standards and provisioning of illegal brothels and deceptive conduct in accommodating sexual activities exist, it does not exist in every Thai massage store. These unlawful and unethical practices are not a component of our ancient therapeutic massage methods; they are dishonourable to our ancestors, heritage, reputation, and the traditional Thai medical system. Please understand that not all Thai massage centres are deceptive or provide illegal prostitution and sexual activities. Our service is genuine, and we do not condone or welcome any discourteous behaviour at our treatment facility and only focus on improving our clients’ health.

Clients who made reservations or would like to reserve a treatment must acknowledge the following:

  1. Please make reservations via phone call (at least 72 hours before the desired date) or by email and NOT via text messages. Please provide your details including your contact number; if you fail to provide the required information, your reservation requests cannot be processed.
  2. If you reserved a treatment, please arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time for self-preparation.
  3. If you reserved a massage treatment and cannot attend, you are permitted to arrange someone else as a replacement.
  4. If you are unable to attend your reservation and wish to cancel the same, please notify us at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled time via a phone call.
  5. You will incur a late full fee payment depending on hours reserved if you fail to attend appointments for any therapeutic massage treatments without giving notice or cancellation notice is given less than 48 hours. The incurred late fee is to compensate for the time that we have lost to serve other clients. If you fail to pay any late fees, you will be prohibited from scheduling reservations and receiving any services at The Ocean Green.
  6. If you made a reservation with a gift voucher and fail to attend, we will immediately void your gift voucher.

For the advantage of both our clients and our business; please acknowledge and follow our reservation and cancellation policies to avoid incurring any fees. Thank you, from The Ocean Green.

In the event of customers inquiring about whether they can give a massage therapist tips or not, they certainly can. There are no issues in providing tips if you are satisfied and impressed with the treatment.

We will be glad to hear your contentment and thank you in advance.


1. Please keep noise to a minimum and do not disturb others.
2. Please put your phone on silent.
3. Please tie your hair neatly.
4. Please remove all jewellery and keep it in a safe place.
5. Please be mindful of your valuables, as we will not be responsible for any lost properties.

6.  For men, do not wear boxer briefs or boxer shorts, please only wear loose brief underwear for easier massage treatment.