1. Reduces muscle tension pain.
  2. Stimulates blood circulation.
  3. Improves circulation of the body’s lymphatic system, resulting in better-looking skin with reduced wrinkles, scars, and uneven dark spots.
  4. Increases the efficiency in detoxifying toxic residues in the body. By regularly massaging with hot stone, this will continuously cleanse the inner body and significantly improve the excretory system.
  5. Helps maintain a healthy immune function and reduces symptoms of allergies.
  6. Reduces mental and physical stress.
  7. Reduces menstrual pain or muscle aches from the menstrual cycle.
  8. Reduces excess fat and the accumulation of cellulite. Due to heat and massage techniques of the hot stone, it stimulates metabolism, drives fat residue that has been accumulated under the skin to return to the blood circulatory system effectively.
  9. Heat obtained from the heated stone will penetrate deeply into inner muscles. The treatment will warm the body, helping those who endure profound numbness in their muscles with cold hands and feet. The treatment is highly beneficial for elders and those who often experience cold penetration in their bones. This treatment will ultimately induce a healthy immune function, an efficient blood circulation and a full relaxation for the body.
  • People who frequently receive massages and want to immerse themselves in the benefits of hot stone massage explained above.
  • People who exercise regularly on a daily basis and experience muscle pain from lactic acid build up in muscles during intense exercise.

Hot stone massage therapy is not suitable and must be aware for the following persons:

  1. Patients with diseases that must be in close care of doctors, including high blood pressure patients, heart disease and diabetes patients, must obtain a medical certificate or a doctor’s prescription consenting such patients to receive this treatment. A medical certificate or a doctor’s prescription is required as some medications that patients take may contain specific warnings and drug precautions where the provision of this treatment may be contraindicated under such circumstances.
  2. Patients with cancer or lymphadenopathy are prohibited from receiving this treatment. Although these patients have undergone surgeries and have permanently recovered, any massages, especially the hot stone massage has high potency in stimulating lymph circulation which can cause cancer cells to spread and evoke cancer cells to return to those who previously had cancer surgeries or lymph node removal.
  3. Patients with fever or have encountered infection symptoms are prohibited from receiving this treatment. The hot stone massage therapy may generate a rapid recovery for these infection symptoms, but the body’s immune system is already fighting against bacterial infections during that time. Therefore, if these patients receive hot stone treatment, it will be an excessive stimulation that can cause an intercurrent disease.
  4. People with infected wounds or open wounds on the skin must avoid massaging those areas.
  5. People who have sensitive skin to heat or those who have sensory defects on the skin should avoid hot stone massage or be aware of the stone’s temperature not to overheat.
  6. Before and after the hot stone massage, both the service provider and the patient must drink plenty of water to drive excess heat out of the body and increase the detoxification of residues in the body through urine and sweat.
  7. If there are abnormal symptoms during the treatment, the treatment must stop immediately and drink plenty of water to increase the efficiency in flushing out toxins from the body. Symptoms will improve within 24 hours.

For your information, the spa stones at The Ocean Green are of premium quality. These stones are genuine volcanic hot stones with high mineral content and are imported directly from Japan. Therefore, you can be assured of the stones’ potency and natural energy as they are of a high standard.