1. Can eliminate pressure and stiffness of the muscles.
  2. Help to relax and relieve stress.
  3. Help stimulate the excretion of waste through the skin.
  4. Improve blood circulation throughout the whole body.
  5. Stimulate the nervous system.
  6. Promote the right balance for various tissues in the body.
  7. Increases energy and internal performances of multiple organs.
  8. Stimulate skin cells for glowing skin.
  9. Stimulate thyroid function, which positively affects the hormones and emotions.
  10.  Relaxes the brain and induce better sleep.
  11. Enhance mental alertness and improve memory, concentration & cognitive function.
  12. Improve the flexibility of joints and ligaments
  13. Relieves fever and any discomfort.
  14. Adjust for a hormonal balance.
  15. Improve liver function.

Foot massage is prohibited for pregnant women as pressure points under their feet can result in the uterus’ contractions, which can cause miscarriage/spontaneous abortion.